Live from Web Summit in Dublin: Moments Matter!

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What is the most important thing we have?

Friendships? Money? Peace of Mind?

On stage today at Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland, Lew Cirne (our fearless leader, founder, and CEO) reminded us it is time.

The concept is simple:  You can create more money if you work hard.  You can meet more friends.  What you can’t do is make more time.

Time is finite.

Knowing that time is finite, and knowing that researchers are saying we’re spending over 6 hours per day in front of software (think about your phone screen time, laptop, etc.)—then we have an OBLIGATION (in all caps for emphasis… it is really an important obligation!) to improve the software we produce.  This is a topic that is near and dear to Lew. In fact, this is why New Relic exists. We want to improve the experience people have with software.

Imagine if those 6 hours of software time were delightful?  Not “meh”—but amazing?

Life is too short for bad software.

So how do we go about building GREAT, DELIGHTFUL software?  Lew argues it requires a mix of both art and science. Designing software (the art side) is one part of the process. But “art” alone will not do the job.  You need science—measurement—to measure reliability and user experience.

Lew closed his talk in front of the thousands of attendees and a live stream around the world by reminding the crowd that New Relic’s mission is to provide software analytics to reduce and eliminate bad experiences and deliver more delightful moments.

If you’re one of the 22,000 attendees at Web Summit, please stop by our booth in the Enterprise Summit area.  We’d love to chat with you about how we can help you create delightful software!

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