Meet the New Relic Interns: Natalie Schlechter

One of the best things about a growing company like New Relic is the chance to offer opportunities to talented people. That can mean everyone from accomplished professionals (we’ve got lots of those!) to young people just starting out in their careers. Or even just getting ready to start their careers.

New Relic is proud to host a number of bright and promising interns this summer, and we thought people might like to meet the next generation of engineering stars. So we’re starting a short series of Meet the Interns profiles introducing some of the engineering interns in our Portland office. First up is Natalie Schlechter:

What’s your background? 

I grew up right here in Portland, Oregon; Southeast to be exact. I am currently enrolled at University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) and will be returning this fall for my second year. I am declared as a Computer Science major, but I plan to double major in business.


How did you get interested in technology? 

Ever since I was little, I have always loved playing around with computers. My older sister would constantly have to ask me questions about how to do things.

However, I had always planned to be an accountant like my mom and my two sisters. It wasn’t until I took an AP Computer Science course my junior year in high school that I realized maybe I should try something new. When people ask me what I am majoring in and what I want to be, they never guess it’ll be computer science and that I want to be an engineer.

How did you connect with New Relic?

I was researching potential summer internships on the University of Oregon’s career-center website, specifically computer science internships, when I came across New Relic. The listing caught my attention because it described the intern position as programming along with engineers, not just a person to go get everyone coffee.

What are you working on here?  

I work on the Python Agent team. We work with many Python Web frameworks including Django, Flask, Pyramid, and Tornado. Most of my internship has been spent working on a feature for the agent called Real User Monitoring (RUM), designed to give customers data about the actual experience their users are having at that point in time. I’ve been helping to test an auto RUM implementation that can be automatically implemented across all frameworks—no extra steps needed to start tracking your real-time data.

How would you describe your experience at New Relic so far?

When I first came to New Relic, I was a deer in the headlights. The products were so complex I didn’t think I’d ever be able to understand them all. But I was surprised to learn that no one was expecting me, or anyone else, to know how to work with every piece of New Relic’s product line. I thought I was the only one Googling and using Stack Overflow, but that was not true. I let out a huge sigh of relief when I finally understood that I didn’t need to know everything about computer science right from the start.

Overall, my experience at New Relic has been so incredibly amazing, I honestly don’t know if it could have gone any better. The best part has been working with and learning from such brilliant people, especially my manager Laura Cassell and lead software engineer Graham Dumpleton. He has this amazing ability to recognize a potential bug or fix within the first ten words of describing a problem. He doesn’t hesitate to tell me when I’ve done something wrong, and then continues to give me great feedback on what I could’ve done better. Working with him has immensely improved my programming skills, and I am so grateful.

What else is important to you?

Basketball has been a huge part of my life. I love playing on a team, or just pick-up games with friends. I think team sports can teach you so much more than just athletic skills. Also I’ve been going to Oregon Duck football games since I was two years old, so I look forward to football season almost as much Christmas!


What’s next for you?

My immediate plan is to head back to school in September to continue working on my computer science degree. Long term, I would love to land a job doing projects just like what I have been doing at New Relic.

Everyone always asked me what I plan to do with my CS degree, and I never knew exactly what to say. Now I can confidently answer that I want to help develop software that makes people’s lives easier and more efficient. New Relic has shown me what a computer engineer/scientist/programmer really does. It has set the bar very high for any potential job I might apply for someday.

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