They say all great things must eventually come to an end. I suspect whoever coined that phrase must have been directly referring to New Relic’s internship program. I never thought I would say that the most fun part of my summer was being at work everyday, but here we are!

As the summer wraps up, and we interns go back to the reality of college and life outside of New Relic, we wanted to reflect on our internship experience as a whole.

Our graphic design intern, Shawn Fleming, partnered with me to bring our intern experience video to life!

We knew we wanted something more engaging than a blog post to convey our stories, so we conducted video interviews with all of New Relic’s San Francisco interns, to collectively reminisce and share our unique experiences here at New Relic.  

Thank you, New Relic, for this amazing experience! We may be on our way out, but hopefully this video will ensure that we’ll never be forgotten. Check it out below, folks:

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from my fellow interns:

“What I love most about New Relic is the people here. It was one of the things that really attracted me to the company, and everyone I’ve worked with has just been really friendly and inviting.” —Shawn Fleming, graphic design intern

“I think this internship is really going to help me in future endeavors, now especially with New Relic being such a hot software company.” —Div Shivesh, product/partner marketing intern  

A group of the interns, working collectively to prepare for their final presentations.

“I’m authoring pages and seeing them live within 24 to 48 hours sometimes. I’m seeing the results of my work very quickly and I didn’t expect that—especially not with the title of intern.” —Quinn Zsido, web strategy intern

Quinn Zsido, New Relic web strategy intern.

“The other day, Lew [Cirne], our CEO, showed up by my desk and I gave him a demo of what I was working on. He gave me a shout-out to the whole company and posted a little video of the demo I showed him. That was really cool!” —Olivia Wong, product engineering intern

New Relic founder and CEO Lew Cirne makes a surprise visit to product engineering intern, Olivia Wong.

“The social events here are a hoot! It’s really great that they put together theses events so we’re able to network and connect with different people in the company, in different divisions. You really feel connected to the company as a whole.” —Sierra Lyle, sales intern

Quinn, Chris, and Div bringing their A-game for some competitive hacky-sack at a company happy hour.

Although it was only twelve weeks, we could all agree that during our internship here at New Relic, we felt fully integrated into the company, culture, and community. This internship fostered a work environment like none I’ve ever experienced before. I always felt like I had plenty of freedom for how I wanted to go about the projects I was given, much more creative freedom than what I imagined would be given an intern.

Being able to work for a company that’s making such a significant impact on our customers, by helping them solve some of their toughest problems, was such an energizing experience! I’m excited to see what big things New Relic will accomplish next.


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Originally from Yuba City, Calif., Adreanna Ekdawy interned at New Relic while attending Santa Clara University, pursuing a B.S. in marketing. She enjoys reading, running, volleyball, sushi, meeting new people, and taking adventures. View posts by .

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