FutureStack: Great Panelists, A Few Zingers, and The Joy of Coding

7299_Ts_10.25.13_0187It’s been almost a week since we wrapped up FutureStack13, but the team here at New Relic is still riding high on the huge success of our very first user conference. Not only are we thrilled with the final attendance tally (more than 800!), but we’re also extremely grateful for all the insightful presentations that were given by our speakers. The fireside chat on Day 2 was particularly entertaining, due in large part to Kara Swisher, co-executive editor of AllThingsD, who interviewed our CEO Lew Cirne and Peter Fenton of Benchmark Capital.

The trio talked about Lew’s preview of New Relic’s new software analytics solution (code name: Rubicon), the democratization of data, and drunken coding, among other things, while Kara dropped a number of zingers throughout the conversation. You’ll have to watch the video of the full interview below (and check out Kara’s post here) to see exactly what we’re talking about, but a few highlights from the session are also compiled below.

Lew, on the Obamacare website problems:

“I see this all the time. Anytime there’s a production issue, everybody points a finger. And it’s this lack of visibility that makes it possible to point fingers without solving the actual problems.”

Kara, in response to Peter’s explanation of the three types of CEOs:

“You also forgot the fourth type: the jackass.”

Lew, on the joy of coding and its impact on New Relic:

“That week when I was in Tahoe, it’s really pretty embarrassing, but I was literally dancing around the house out of joy from the software I was creating. It was not pretty. And I was not doing the Tom Cruise tighty whitey thing…but there’s something incredibly joyful about creating software. And if we can help developers have more of those moments that turn into amazing products then I’ll feel very good about the direction we’re going in.”

Well said, Lew! And thanks again to Kara and Peter for making a talk about enterprise so entertaining.

Asami Novak is director of content strategy and development at New Relic. Prior to joining the New Relic team, she wrote marketing and ad copy for a variety of B2B and B2C companies. Her editorial writing has appeared in WIRED and Dwell, among other publications. View posts by .

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