FutureTalk with Ward Cunningham: Federated Wiki is the Song of Code and Content

FutureTalksOur fourth FutureTalk, a monthly series featuring disruptive Developers, innovative Technologists and world-changing Creatives, was the most whimsical one yet. Everyone that came to hear from Ward Cunningham this Monday was surprised to find that they needed to bring more than just their curiosity and a possible question or two! It turned out that each attendee’s voice was an important part of the live chorus: Ward had us all singing “the Federated Wiki is the song of code and content.” His pet project about programming, which he declares “is not your father’s wiki,” has been in development for a couple years, and has now spawned http://polyglot.fed.wiki.org in the wiki federation. Anyone that wasn’t there can catch up by watching the talk video below.

Ward CunninghamBest known for creating the first wiki, Ward’s previous work consulting with daring startups and huge corporations included establishing movements in object-oriented, agile software, extreme programming, and pattern languages. He is now an integral part of the New Relic team, while also leading an open-source project rebuilding wiki to solve more complex sharing situations and address some of society’s toughest problems.

For his FutureTalk, Ward touched on a brief history of computing, the federated wiki, and the modern web. He describes how now, twenty years after Agile programming and Wiki hypertext have symbiotically emerged out of a single vision of completing each other’s work, we see an opportunity to direct this collaboration toward more difficult problems. Ward reexamines fundamental questions about what it means to write and to program, and shows us how Federated Wiki uses both to make a better world.

Be sure to check out this event’s Federated Wiki (Song of Code and Content) and follow Ward on Twitter @WardCunningham. Then stay tuned for our April event, when we’ll hear from another eminent Portlander, Tripwire founder Gene Kim!

For FutureTalk updates and event details, join our new Meetup group, New Relic FutureTalks PDX, for all the latest information and discussions about our speaker series. We’d even welcome suggestions about whom you’d like us to host! As always, you can follow us on Twitter @newrelic for future announcements.

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