Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny Visits New Relic

Irish Prime Minister

When Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny visited the Bay Area last week for a three-day trade mission, he met with California Governor Jerry Brown and visited many of the big global players in Silicon Valley: Apple, Google, Facebook, HP, among others. As he described it, he met with “…names that are known globally, with multibillion dollar operations that employ many people in Ireland and around the world. [But New Relic] is the newest and the smallest company that I’ve come to see.”

Having recently opened our Dublin office, we were all excited to say céad míle fáilte, literally “a hundred thousand welcomes,” during the head of state’s visit Friday afternoon. Aided by buckets of Guinness and a Tullamore Dew whiskey tasting, the excitement was building even before Kenny’s arrival. A motorcade of almost 50 San Francisco Police Department motorcycles only added to the occasion. (The visit was even noted by the San Francisco Chronicle: Silicon Valley tech firms’ role in Ireland growing.)


Small but mighty

Kenny said he’s been hearing a lot about New Relic, especially how it was used to help shine a light on the many glitches in so they could be ironed out.

“New Relic is a small company, it’s a new company, but it’s a company with a powerful, powerful potential,” Kenny added, “you’re going to reach out to millions of people who have never heard of you at this point, but they will know the services that you provide make their lives a little easier. You can’t do any better than that.”

Ireland becoming a magnet

Not surprisingly, Kenny was particularly happy to see New Relic expanding to his island nation. “Ireland is a small country, [just] 4.5 million people,” Kenny said. But in what he laughingly called a “long-term policy of colonization,” there are some 70 million Irish worldwide and companies like New Relic are helping Ireland become “a magnet attraction for young people from all over the world.”

Of the 60,000 jobs Ireland added last year, Kenny said, 40% come from companies less than five years old. “And when you talk to those people in Dublin, they’re challenged by the opportunity to actually change the frontiers up ahead. And that’s what New Relic does.”'

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