Dear Mustache: A Tribute to #Movember and Facial Hair

Dear Mustache:

Words can hardly describe the feelings that you have spawned in me this month. Like that itchy feeling when you were just a week old. And now that you’ve matured, the nagging feeling that some part of last night’s dinner still hasn’t escaped your wiry grasp. Rest assured, I will always value the time that we have spent together these past weeks. You have taught me much (how to use safety scissors responsibly, how to leer at people and how to project that ‘devil-may-care’ attitude that is oh so important at this time every year).

I have something to tell you that will affect you for a while (the next 11 months to be exact). I’m glad you can’t read, because then you’d know this already and it would be even more difficult to discuss. Mustache, today is your last day on my face. You may want to know that you have been instrumental in helping us raise awareness and money that will be used in the effort to prevent and cure serious men’s health issues. And you may also want to tell your friends that there is still time to donate.

With Fondness,

The New Relic Team

PS: Please Tweet about this great cause and for every Tweet shared New Relic will donate $10 to Movember.

Just look at these amazing ‘staches that have spawned around the New Relic offices during our amazing time with Movember.

New Relic Movember

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