Meet Our Data Nerds: Tango’s Guy Fighel Explains How Data is Like a Car Race

Tango, a mobile messaging leader, combines communication, social features, and compelling content to help its members discover new ways to connect, get social, and have fun. The application hosts more than 240 million registered members, is available in 14 languages and has users in more than 224 countries.


This week, we sat down with Tango’s director of engineering, Guy Fighel, to hear why he considers everyone on the Tango team to be a data scientist. See what he says in the Q&A below.

Q: Your data nerd line is, “Data helps us make messaging more fun.” Can you elaborate on that?

At the core, Tango is a messaging and communications platform, but the application goes beyond functional messaging and allows users to network and engage with family and friends, old and new. Whether you are playing a game, listening to music or reading an interesting article, Tango fosters a way to build meaningful connections based on common interests.

Data is crucial for Tango — both for user engagement and enriching the application, as well as improving the performance and stability of the system. At Tango, we rely on what our data is telling us to provide the best service to our customers.

Q: How does your company tackle data organizationally?

Everyone at Tango is a data scientist. Every team is looking at data as a part of their daily routine, from product people who look at dashboards, to the developers who need to understand the performance of API calls, to the marketing team who needs to understand user behavior, all the way to the CEO who is looking at day-to-day performance and business metrics. Data touches the entire company — everyone is asking for it, everyone needs it.

Q: What kind of “aha” moments have you had analyzing your data?

One thing that we were particularly surprised to find in our data is how many engaged users we have both in the US and in the Middle East. It’s great to have a firm grasp on all the numbers.

Using New Relic as our main tool for understanding performance by location, we are able to successfully target and understand how our application is working in various areas across the globe.

Q: How have you used those discoveries to improve your business?

When the data shows that we are doing something right, we keep doing it. And when we see we’re doing something wrong, we change it. It’s that simple.

Looking at data, we are able to make smart decisions that can result in creating new features, reducing costs to the business, and most importantly, providing a better user experience.

Q: Looking ahead, how do you see data changing the world?

When I think of data, I like to envision a car race. All cars are equally equipped, but it is up to the driver to make decisions based on the various dashboards inside the car. The more data you have at your fingertips, the better decisions you can make, more quickly.

Data is crucial. The revolution is here.

What makes you a data nerd? Tell us – just tweet using the #datanerd hashtag. After all, we are all data nerds.

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