data nerd selfies (1)When we launched the Data Nerd Selfies program at the end of last year, we were excited to offer our customers a fun new way to share their stories. Just six months into the program, we’ve already received an amazing portfolio of Selfies, each giving us a glimpse into how our customers are using New Relic to improve and grow their businesses.

We love Selfies for a lot of reasons. We love hearing our customers describe in their own words—and in their own unique styles—exactly how and why they find New Relic so useful. We love that they want to share their passion, not just for New Relic but for the incredible, world-changing things they’re achieving. And we love learning about the living, breathing folks behind the tech—the people who really make the magic happen.

Our collection of awesome Data Nerd Selfies is growing all the time. They are all great, but we chose these three to demonstrate the range of different types of businesses participating in the program:

Giphy: The GIF-making data nerds

Can you imagine a world without GIFs? Neither can we, and neither can the team at Giphy, Inc. Giphy is a search engine that lets users search, discover, and share animated graphics. The service was big news within weeks of launching in 2013, and has enjoyed explosive growth ever since. Headquartered in New York City, the 27-strong team is committed to continually improving GIF search functionality and user experience—which is where New Relic comes in.

“New Relic exposes performance bottlenecks and points you to the root cause,” Dan Finkler, director of platform engineering, writes in Giphy’s Selfie. “This is essential when you are a small team and need to ensure you are not wasting precious resources.”

Dan is emphatic when it comes to his favorite application performance monitoring platform: “If we didn’t have New Relic, the world wouldn’t have as many GIFs.”

giphy data nerd selfies

Surfline: Where software meets surfing

Way back in the 1990s, Surfline became the first company to live stream beach and surf conditions. Today these Southern California-based ocean enthusiasts operate the world’s largest coastal streaming HD camera network, watching 200+ spots around the globe. Surfline also runs websites for boaters, sailors, anglers, and divers.

With two million unique visitors each month and an extensive custom user alerts system, the company is working constantly to expand its services and improve performance. To that end, New Relic is crucial, as the Surfline Selfie makes clear. “New Relic is an awesome tool,” writes Gokul Kumar Kolandavel, director of software engineering, “It’s been a huge win for us because it allows us to be far more proactive.” Fine wines, premium performance

Headquartered in Vitória, Brazil, is Latin America’s largest wine shop and club. Offering more than 2,000 fine wine labels, plus tasting accessories, the company strives to deliver the world’s finest wines as well as a world-class user experience.

In 2010, facing issues in its production environment, deployed New Relic APM and experienced an epiphany. “We were like, ‘Whoa, this is really something magical,’” writes IT Manager Paulo César M. Jeveaux in the company’s Data Nerd Selfie. “We found the consolidated view on a single console to be much easier and faster to use than the multiple consoles from our old solution.”

Even better, when Paulo and his team successfully troubleshoot performance issues (with a little help from New Relic), they can “correlate that success with direct sales.” Which is what good business is all about, right? data nerd selfies

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