Our Customers Are ALL data nerds, too!


Late last month, New Relic rolled out the first phase of our We Are ALL Data Nerds campaign. It’s based on the idea that everyone — from CEOs to salespeople, from developers to dentists — is evolving from data-oblivious to data-obsessed. Data is all around us, and software is powering our ability to collect, store and present that data contextually.

The rise of the data nerd is a game-changer, which is why we celebrated this emerging trend with web ads and a massive run of billboards from New York to San Francisco sharing how data helps people do what they do better than ever.

Even more importantly, though, data is also transforming the capabilities of New Relic’s magic-pony-sauce customers from Airbnb to Zendesk.

We are watching in awe as some of the coolest, most innovative, most disruptive companies in the world delight their users and build awesome stuff with the help of New Relic. Data from software handling interactions between consumers and business holds new and better answers to vital questions we’re only now beginning to ask.

That’s why for the next chapter in our campaign, we’re expanding the cast of data nerds to include leaders from companies like Airbnb, Zendesk, Hotel Tonight, MyFitnessPal, Tango, Rdio, Disruptor Beam, TicketFly, Strava, Runkeeper, Bleacher Report, and Cure.org proudly smiling from giant Data Nerds billboards near you. Those billboards and online ads are giant love letters to all our customers – and to data nerds everywhere who know that data helps everybody be better at what they do. 

Let us know how data helps you – just tweet using the #datanerd hashtag. After all, we are all data nerds.


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