It’s no secret that Ryanair specializes in low fares, nor that the popularity of those low fares has made it the world’s largest international airline.

Less well known is the fact that Ryanair’s original website was built in 2000 by a pair of 17-year-old interns with nothing better to do. Within three months, that website was processing 50,000 ticket sales weekly, ushering in the redundancy of call centers and travel agents.

Ryanair's declan costello at FutureStack London

Unfortunately, as the airline’s Infrastructure and Operations Manager Declan Costello explained in his recent FutureStack: London presentation “Ryanair: Always Getting Better With New Relic,” the site was also characterized by “a color scheme that made your eyes bleed, and a user experience that made you weep.”

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More than a decade would pass before Ryanair would commit to improving that experience in order to “become as liked as we are useful.” But since launching the Always Getting Better program in 2013, the carrier has invested massively in IT.

One part of that investment is Ryanair Labs, an IT services company. Another is Ryanair’s use of New Relic, which Declan described as pervasive: “Everybody is using it. We’ve got dashboards everywhere.”

To learn how New Relic helps Ryanair achieve its goal of “being nicer to customers,” including a look at two specific troubleshooting examples, watch Declan’s full presentation in the video below:

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