FutureStack14 Video: DevOps Helps Trulia Chase Speed and Scale

By Posted in Events 9 December 2014

What are the most important metrics for an online business? There are lots of contenders, but for fast-growing real-estate site Trulia, two of the biggest ones are speed and scale. In their presentation at New Relic’s FutureStack14 tech and user conference this fall, Chris Sessions, Trulia’s director of ops, and Louis Bennett, the company’s director…

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10 Surprisingly Interesting Ways to Earn a Living Using Java

By Posted in Nerd Culture, Tech Topics 8 December 2014

Amazingly enough, some people don’t find coding exciting—it’s just another boring job to them. But while there may be plenty of boring programming jobs out there, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for one of them. Programmers have all sorts of opportunities to do something interesting with their skills, especially if they know Java.…

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FutureStack14 Video: How Technology Changes the Way Companies Operate

By Posted in Events 8 December 2014

FutureStack14, New Relic’s second annual technology and user conference was all about the coming together of software and data to change the world. Almost as important as the technology, though, is how those changes play out in real-world organizations that may not be structured to take advantages of large-scale transformations. That’s where approaches like DevOps…

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5 Ways to Meaningfully Engage Your Community

By Posted in Events, Nerd Culture 5 December 2014

I recently attended CMX Summit, a one-day conference held in San Francisco featuring talks from some of the best minds in online community building, be they company founders, community professionals, or community leaders. Speakers from some of the strongest online community brands, from Airbnb to Burning Man, gave attendees an inside look at the lessons…

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