How to Solve Performance Issues Faster With Blazemeter and New Relic Insights

By Posted in Using Our Products 26 September 2014

Guest author Andrey Pokhilko is chief scientist at BlazeMeter. He is a well-known thought-leader and innovator within the Apache JMeter and performance testing community. Load testing is crucial. No one wants their website or app to crash—and load tests help us check whether our systems can cope with high traffic loads. But load testing alone…

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Introducing Labels and Rollups

By Posted in Product Updates, Using Our Products 22 September 2014

Managing complex application environments can be made even harder by the complex organizations in which we work. Multiple stakeholders may be interested in different applications or services, or even applications in different stages of deployment. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could view apps and servers from their own point of view? New Relic has…

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Macro vs. Micro Metrics: Why You Should Be Collecting Each and How

By Posted in Tech Topics, Using Our Products 22 September 2014

When asked about helpful tips or best practices regarding mobile application development, one of the common responses I give is to “measure early, measure often.” Mapping real measurements to your overall objectives is a good way to ensure that all the work you put into your app delivers the highest return. But that then leads…

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