Monitoring Django management commands

By Posted in Tech Topics, Top Post 18 March 2014

Our prime focus at New Relic has traditionally been monitoring of web applications. However, most sites will be comprised of a lot more than just the web app — there can also be persistent backend services for executing background tasks, or even individual scripts that are periodically run from scheduling systems such as UNIX cron.…

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Browser Monitoring & SSL Arrives for Node.js

Hot on the heels of last week’s amazing browser monitoring feature announcement, the Node.js team here at New Relic is excited to let you know that the agent now has the power of browser monitoring. This rounds out New Relic’s browser monitoring offering to all 6 of our language agents (Ruby, Java, .NET, PHP, Python…

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Announcing JS Error Reporting and AJAX Timing in New Relic

I work on the engineering team developing New Relic’s browser monitoring features, so it’s exciting to announce that, as of today, we’re offering a sneak preview of JavaScript Error Reporting and AJAX Timing to all of our customers, even those on free Lite accounts! We’ve also reorganized our existing real user monitoring (RUM) features to…

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Kanban for Ops Teams

By Posted in Nerd Culture, Tech Topics, Top Post 12 March 2014

All ops teams share the need to meld an interruptive work stream with a planned one, and it’s hard to get that right. In the Site Services team in Site Engineering at New Relic, we have a Kanban process (Wikipedia article) that we use to manage our workflow. We’re pretty happy with how it’s working…

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