Research Report Says High Growth More Likely in Companies with Dev and Ops Synergy [Infographic]

By Posted in Tech Topics, Top Post 16 October 2014

How do you define the role of IT? Is it simply delivering servers, networks, or data? Or is it about much more than that, including being a driving force in a company’s overall business success? A recent research report from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) highlights this delicate dance that enterprise IT teams are having to…

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CEO Lew Cirne Kicks Off FutureStack14 in Style

By Posted in Events, Top Post 9 October 2014

New Relic CEO Lew Cirne kicked off FutureStack14 in style yesterday, showcasing new products, new features, and a historic acquisition while setting forth his vision of the future of New Relic and the increasing role of data and software in all our lives. In addition to announcing New Relic Browser Pro, New Relic Synthetics, crash…

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FutureStack14: High Profile New Speakers Added to FutureStack14’s Stellar Lineup

By Posted in New Relic News, Top Post 20 August 2014

The lineup of speakers for our user and tech conference, FutureStack14 just keeps getting better and better. Today we’re announcing leaders and visionaries from high-profile companies like Adobe, GoPro, Bleacher Report, and Lending Club are joining the already stellar roster of speakers on tap for the October event in San Francisco at the Fort Mason…

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Which Programming Languages Are Most Popular Right Now?

By Posted in Nerd Culture, Tech Topics, Top Post 18 August 2014

When developers start exploring the world, they often encounter people speaking languages they don’t know. We’re not talking about a trip to Europe, of course, we’re talking about the world of startups, agencies, and enterprise IT, where one shop might speak Python while another is fluent in Java. It’s a veritable Babel out there. Assuming…

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Steve Blank’s Lean Startup: Not Just for Startups Anymore

By Posted in Nerd Culture, Tech Topics, Top Post 7 August 2014

Steve Blank, serial entrepreneur, professor of entrepreneurship, and author of the seminal book that launched the Lean Startup movement, has long fought to change the mentality of software startups and other entrepreneurial businesses. He’s succeeded—Lean Startup is now not only a commonly accepted entrepreneurial strategy, it’s taught at more than 100 colleges and universities. But…

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