An In-Depth Look at the Team that Saved

By Posted in New Relic News, Top Post 26 March 2014

Four months ago, administrators of released details about the site’s technologically bumpy road to recovery. The March 10, 2014, issue of TIME magazine* offers a behind-the-scenes account of what exactly that journey looked like. And as you learn just a few paragraphs in, the ride wasn’t pretty. According to TIME’s account, there were different…

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Get More Analysis: Introducing a New Class of Integrations for New Relic Insights

Things work better when they work well together. This truism has guided my professional work for years – first as the co-founder of an integration-centric CRM, and for the last 2 years as a public face on New Relic’s Platform team. Today I’m thrilled to share with you a whole new class of New Relic…

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Insights, instantly! The power of the New Relic Agents

One of the most exciting things about how New Relic Insights works is that the New Relic language agents that you already use for monitoring your application performance automatically insert data into Insights. This makes it possible to get powerful visibility into your application performance without any additional work. Out of the box, you can slice…

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