RabbitMQ Java Client Library Now Supported by New Relic Java Agent

We are pleased to announce that starting with version 3.9, the New Relic Java Agent supports the RabbitMQ Java client library. New Relic now gives you visibility into RabbitMQ client operations both for sending and receiving messages. Background information One way to increase responsiveness of Web applications is to delegate work to background processes. Message…

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Enhanced User Interaction Traces in New Relic Mobile

At the end of 2013 New Relic introduced User Interaction Traces—a feature unlike anything seen before. Interaction Traces allows you to get activity timeline views for different events in your mobile applications in production. Over the past few months we’ve collected feedback from you, our customers, on how you use Interaction Traces, and today we are…

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Agent SDK Now Supports: External Transactions, Non-Web Transactions, Custom Categories, and Custom Metrics

By Posted in Product Updates, Tech Topics 18 July 2014

We’ve been busy these past few weeks churning out new features for the Agent SDK. Using the Agent SDK, you can now instrument external transactions, monitor background tasks or any non-web transaction, create custom categories to organize your transactions, and record custom metrics. What New Relic features does the Agent SDK support? Since we now…

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