Lucent Sky Works with New Relic to Put Off-Line Security Into Run-Time Analytics

Guest author Jim Liu is the co-founder of Lucent Sky, a company that automates how developers find and fix security problems in applications. When designing an application, there’s often a trade-off between performance and security. For example, using a larger key size for encryption will make it harder to decipher, but it will also take…

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Smarter Scaling with Rackspace and New Relic

By Posted in New Relic News, Product Updates 10 November 2014

Guest author Chris Jackson is the CTO for Rackspace’s DevOps Automation Service Portfolio, which provides support for businesses looking to start their journey towards DevOps. At Rackspace, we’re immensely excited about our partnership with New Relic that helps power our DevOps Automation Service. Since announcing the partnership in early October, we’ve turned our attention maximizing…

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Introducing Labels and Rollups

By Posted in Product Updates, Using Our Products 22 September 2014

Managing complex application environments can be made even harder by the complex organizations in which we work. Multiple stakeholders may be interested in different applications or services, or even applications in different stages of deployment. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could view apps and servers from their own point of view? New Relic has…

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