Top 10 Plugins on the New Relic Platform

By Posted in New Relic News 19 December 2014

“Monitor all the things” is a mantra we take seriously here at New Relic. And that approach doesn’t stop with what New Relic alone tells you about your applications. The plugins published on the New Relic Platform allow users to extend our real-time performance monitoring to include technologies in even highly complex application stacks. Today there are…

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The New Relic Community Forum: Looking Back at 2014

By Posted in New Relic News 17 December 2014

Way back in April, we were thrilled to announce the launch of our very first online support community, the New Relic Community Forum. Built with the open-source forum software Discourse, the Community Forum is a killer resource for New Relic users, where they can get answers to questions about our products and interact with our…

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FutureStack14 Video: The Secrets of AWS Success

By Posted in Events, New Relic News 17 December 2014

Cloud computing was everywhere at FutureStack14. Our second annual tech and user conference was all about modern software and data changing the way businesses operate, with increasingly more of this is happening in the cloud. And by far one of the biggest cloud computing vendors is Amazon Web Services. But according to Dylan Tweney, editor…

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Ezra Zygmuntowicz: In Memoriam

By Posted in Nerd Culture, New Relic News 2 December 2014

Last Wednesday, November 26th, Ezra Zygmuntowicz passed away after a long illness. A founder of the Rails hosting company Engine Yard and original developer of the popular Web framework Merb, Ezra was one of the very first people to see my @newrelic prototype and champion the New Relic cause. He was a true visionary and…

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