New Relic and 2nd Watch Join Forces to Optimize AWS Environments for Enterprise Applications

By Posted in New Relic News 23 October 2014

Thousands of companies trust New Relic to support the performance of their business-critical applications. Many of our largest customers also use Amazon Web Services (AWS). And many of them want to simplify management of their cloud infrastructure. That’s why today we’re excited to announce a new partnership with 2nd Watch, a trusted managed services provider for AWS…

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Nexcess Partners With New Relic To Provide Real-Time Analytics

By Posted in New Relic News, Using Our Products 14 October 2014

Good news for Nexcess customers! Nexcess has partnered with New Relic to bring software analytics capabilities to its dedicated server hosting plans and customers. With New Relic, Nexcess customers can leverage the real-time data generated by their applications to drive intelligent decision making and optimize the performance of their applications—and their entire application stack. Nexcess…

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Rackspace DevOps Automation Offers Improved New Relic Integration

By Posted in New Relic News, Using Our Products 9 October 2014

Guest author Eric Brinkman is product manager for Rackspace‘s DevOps Automation Service. This post was adapted from a post on the Rackspace Develop blog. New Relic is a leader for application performance monitoring. It offers real-time performance of your web applications in production, the ability to view metrics in a dashboard and the ability to alert off…

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