Meet Our Data Nerds: Bleacher Report’s Sam Parnell Talks Data Driven Content

By Posted in Nerd Culture 20 August 2014

Bleacher Report delivers digital media’s most engaging content experience to sports fans all over the world. The company combines vision with innovation and has thus built the next-generation publishing brand. Known for their data-driven content creation process that merges inputs from writers, editors, and market analysts to meet real-time consumer demand, Bleacher Report brings in…

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Which Programming Languages Are Most Popular Right Now?

By Posted in Nerd Culture, Tech Topics, Top Post 18 August 2014

When developers start exploring the world, they often encounter people speaking languages they don’t know. We’re not talking about a trip to Europe, of course, we’re talking about the world of startups, agencies, and enterprise IT, where one shop might speak Python while another is fluent in Java. It’s a veritable Babel out there. Assuming…

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Meet Our Data Nerds: Tango’s Guy Fighel Explains How Data is Like a Car Race

By Posted in Nerd Culture 13 August 2014

Tango, a mobile messaging leader, combines communication, social features, and compelling content to help its members discover new ways to connect, get social, and have fun. The application hosts more than 240 million registered members, is available in 14 languages and has users in more than 224 countries. This week, we sat down with Tango’s…

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Q&A with Upcoming FutureTalk Speaker Jessica McKellar

By Posted in Events, Nerd Culture, New Relic News 11 August 2014

Jessica McKellar is one of the most dedicated leaders of the open source software community. She’s director of the Python Software Foundation, vice chair for Outreach & Education at PyCon, and organizer of Boston Python. Aside from all this, Jessica is a regular contributor to numerous open source projects, including Twisted and OpenHatch, and has…

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New Relic Turns to Graffiti for Creative Team Building

By Posted in Nerd Culture, New Relic News 8 August 2014

Despite what it may seem like sometimes, up-and-coming software companies haven’t cornered the market on creativity. In fact, creativity often springs from the most unusual places. So when the marketing team here at New Relic went looking for a team-building, creativity-sparking exercise, we ended up a bit outside the standard software startup world. Specifically, we…

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