4 Retailers Supercharging Development with DevOps

By Posted in Nerd Culture 17 April 2014

Strategic imperatives in retail, including the need to streamline operations and optimize marketing and merchandising, are causing many retailers to increase organizational agility by automating IT processes and developing and deploying software faster and more frequently. It’s no surprise, then, that leading retailers are increasingly adopting a DevOps approach to software development. Etsy In its…

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Nonprofits Leverage Mobile to Make an Impact

By Posted in Nerd Culture 15 April 2014

Mobile technology has potential benefits to offer almost any individual or organization, and nonprofits are learning to use mobile to make an impact. Nonprofits are creating and using mobile apps for everything from fundraising and sharing content to educating the public about their mission. Below we outline a few examples of how mobile apps can…

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The Next Generation Will All Be Data Nerds

By Posted in Nerd Culture 14 April 2014

Forget Digital Natives, it’s time to meet the new kids on the block: Data Natives. That’s the idea behind a recent post on Re/Code by Monica Rogati, vice president of Data for wearable-tech maker Jawbone. In The Rise of the Data Natives, Rogati argues that while “digital natives were most concerned with what they can…

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