Technology We Love: How Nike+ Changed My Life

By Posted in Mobile, Nerd Culture 23 December 2014

Just before Thanksgiving, New Relic published a blog post on 10 Technologies We’re Thankful For, shared by the people who build and support New Relic products. Not everyone got to participate, however, so we wanted to revisit the idea: If a run isn’t counted, does it still “count?” That’s been a conundrum for me—and lots…

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Android Version Confusion Boosts Need for Mobile APM

By Posted in Mobile 3 September 2014

The world’s population of smart devices including phones and tablets is heavily skewed toward the Android OS. According to Gartner research quoted by TechRepublic, as of the end of 2013 Android devices accounted for more than 75 percent of the total worldwide mobile market share while iOS devices held on to less than 20 percent.…

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New Relic Mobile, Now With More Chocolate!

By Posted in Mobile, Product Updates 2 July 2014

New Relic Mobile now comes with more chocolate! Well, more CocoaPods support, I should say. That’s right, we are now officially adding support for CocoaPods in your iOS apps. Adding New Relic to CocoaPods couldn’t be easier! Every time we release new versions of the iOS agent, we will update the “NewRelicAgent” Podspec, so you’ll…

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