New Relic User Group Coming to Chicago

By Posted in Events 23 October 2014

We’ve had a blast these last few months running New Relic User Groups in New York and Los Angeles. Between the five talks featured at those events, we’ve learned tips for getting the most out of your software analytics, whether it’s by implementing custom dashboards, setting up alerts, or tracking key transactions. You can read…

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4 Reasons Your Company Needs Private Clouds [Webinar]

By Posted in Events 22 October 2014

Cloud computing has become important to a variety of businesses. The ability to replace expensive traditional, data centers with flexible, scalable, cloud offerings has become a mantra in many organizations. But despite the popularity of cloud architectures, can third-party cloud providers replace everything that in-house data centers do? Do they always supply the security, compliance, and…

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Devoxx4Kids: A FutureTalk with Arun Gupta [Video]

By Posted in Events 21 October 2014

By day, Arun Gupta is the director for developer advocacy at Red Hat. By night, he’s a developer dad. On weekends, though, he’s a member of the Steering Committee and workshop manager for Devoxx4Kids, a non-profit organization that aims to inspire kids around the world to get interested in programming, robotics, and engineering. The idea…

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Hacking Your FutureStack14 Conference Badge

By Posted in Events, Video 15 October 2014

Now that the dust has settled after FutureStack14, we’d like to convince you to think twice before tossing your badge amongst the pile of others from conferences past. It actually contains a fairly powerful ARM-based computer amidst a wealth of neat peripherals that you can use to build new and more awesome things! If you…

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FutureStack14 Hallway Track: Informal Education at Its Best

By Posted in Events 15 October 2014

FutureStack14 had all the big keynotes and deep dives into technology that any user and technology conference needs. But this year we wanted to do more to bring attendees into the process, so we bolstered the main Keynote and Technology Track and New Relic Track with the Hallway Track, a sort of unconference featuring topics…

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