Rubinius 2.x Support from New Relic

It’s an exciting time for the Rubinius project, an alternate Ruby implementation focused on concurrency and speed. The long anticipated 2.0 release arrived in early October, and the Rubinius team has been iterating quickly, already reaching 2.2.1 as of mid-November. At New Relic, we’re always excited by new possibilities in the platforms we support, and…

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X-Raying the X-Rays

By Posted in New Relic News, Tech Topics, Top Post 15 October 2013

What are X-Ray Sessions? With newrelic rpm‘s 3.6.8 release, X-Ray Sessions are available to our Ruby customers. X-Ray sessions provide deeper insight into your application’s key transactions. Under normal conditions, New Relic gathers the slowest transaction trace each minute. With X-Ray sessions, your key transactions will gather multiple transaction traces whether they’re slow or not. As an added…

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Tracking Extensions to New Relic

By Posted in Tech Topics, Top Post 1 August 2013

At New Relic, we strive to instrument the most common gems our Ruby customers use. However, there are always gaps – whether it’s a new library rising in popularity or a critical niche for your application, there’s always room for more instrumentation. Thankfully, a lot of people in the community have stepped up to help…

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