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Christine is the Product Marketing Manager for New Relic APM, Browser, Platform and Server products - primarily focused on web applications. She loves bringing awesome new products and features to market, and enjoys the fast paced environment SaaS brings. She has spent several years working abroad as a product marketer in the healthcare industry.

Using New Relic Insights to Analyze the New Relic Insights Webinar

By Posted in Using Our Products 10 April 2014

We love webinars here at New Relic. Whether we’re attending someone else’s or hosting our own, we’ve found it to be a great platform for sharing and receiving information. Aside from our weekly “Getting Started with New Relic” webinars, we’ll typically schedule a few webinars surrounding major product or feature releases. The combination of a…

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Node.js Joins the New Relic Family

By Posted in New Relic News, Product Updates 24 October 2013

Node.js, welcome to the family!  Yes, it’s true – we are so excited to announce that New Relic now monitors applications written in Node.js.  New Relic now monitors apps written in six web languages (and frameworks in Node’s case) and two mobile platforms! Ya, that’s a lot. Quick recap, New Relic now monitors Node.js, Java, .NET,…

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The Newest Platform Publishers on the Scene

By Posted in Events, Product Updates, Publishers, Top Post 5 September 2013

You might remember back in June when New Relic opened its extensible Platform to our developer community. For the first time, you could build customizable plugins to monitor third-party technology in New Relic’s first class charts and graphs. This gave our customers the ability to monitor all the components that make up an application stack.…

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Cross Application Tracing for Python

By Posted in Product Updates, Tech Topics 12 August 2013

Earlier this year, we launched Cross Application Tracing (CAT) for our Java, .NET and Ruby agents. For those of you who have multi-tier, SOA-style architectures, CAT allows you to better visualize and trace through the connections between your application tiers. We’ve always captured connections between these tiers, but CAT makes it even easier to trace through from one…

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