FutureStack14 Badges: Expect New-and-Improved Design and Features

By Posted in Events, Nerd Culture, Tech Topics 15 September 2014

With FutureStack14 now less than a month away, we’re just about ready to put the finishing touches on our electronic conference badges. So I thought it’d be fun to give everyone sneak peek at the new-and-improved design we have in store. We’ll be continuing our tradition of pushing technology boundaries, starting with a complete redesign…

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Why I Love New Relic: Helping Our Customers, Helping Our Communities

By Posted in Nerd Culture, New Relic News, Top Post 31 January 2013

New Relic exists to help people. Making your job easier is our job, and we’re thrilled that our software makes your infrastructure’s behavior cleaner. That’s why we’re always innovating and adding more value to our product, so we can provide you with insight into every aspect of your application’s performance. As a company, we also…

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Stuff That Matters: New Relic’s Commitment to Employee Happiness & Sustainability

By Posted in Nerd Culture, New Relic News, Top Post 8 August 2012

Create more value than you capture. Tim O’Reilly wrote that sentence in a blog post about the philosophy of economic ecosystems. His editorial was based on a simple fact you may not remember from your biology classes: Ecosystems that consume more than they create destroy themselves. Ecosystems that consume less will flourish. Some terrifying examples…

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