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brunkle@newrelic.com'Belinda Runkle is an engineering manager at New Relic where she manages the teams that build New Relic’s PHP, Python, and Node.js support.

Lew Cirne Talks Software with VentureBeat

By Posted in New Relic News 25 September 2014

New Relic founder and CEO Lew Cirne appeared on VentureBeat’s What To Think podcast this week, telling VentureBeat editor in chief Dylan Tweney that “developers are now the primary engine upon which companies differentiate themselves… can their developers build amazing products? That’s what’s driving the top line for businesses in every vertical, not just the…

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25 PHP Developers to Follow Online

By Posted in Nerd Culture, Tech Topics 2 May 2014

Building PHP frameworks is hard, but following these PHP source and framework committers on Twitter is easy. You’ll learn lots of interesting bits about what’s happening in their respective communities, and if you want to see where the PHP and PHP framework communities are going next, just watch your feed for these folks. Here’s a…

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DrupalCon 2013: Introducing Drupal Hooks and Views Metrics

We <3 Drupal! DrupalCon has returned to Portland. And naturally we’re very excited about our most recent release of the New Relic PHP agent. The Drupal ecosystem has been a huge part of New Relic’s success. The ‘come for the software, stay for the community’ aspect of Drupal makes it one of the busiest and enthusiastic…

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New Relic Server Monitoring Now Available for Joyent SmartOS

You asked for it and we’ve delivered. New Relic has just launched support for Joyent SmartOS for our Server Monitoring feature. Those of you that are already familiar with our Server Monitoring know it works like a champ under Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, CentOS, and Windows Server. Now we’ve collaborated with the smart folks over at…

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