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adronhall@gmail.com'Adron Hall is a jovial, proactive, test & code, code & test, get things done well, software architect, engineer, code monkey, coder, and distributed systems advocate. As a coder, Hall plies a polygot language path including C#, Java, JavaScript, and Erlang lately -- as well as Pascal, Basic, Visual Basic, C++, C, COBOL, RPG, CL, and others in the past. He founded Deconstructed.io with Aaron Gray, Node PDX with Troy Howard, and more startups are in the works. You can read his blog at Composite Code (http://compositecode.com).

What’s New in Performance Tuning [3/14/14]

By Posted in Tech Topics 14 March 2014

Performance testing and tuning is something that, even when not the immediate priority, is always sitting in the back of one’s mind. Will the code perform well? Will the server process it efficiently? Is the web server running in the way it should be? The questions go on and on. Early this year, a few…

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Node.js Love, PaaS Providers, Deploy – Part 1

By Posted in Tech Topics, Top Post 2 August 2012

The Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) world is making the deployment of applications extremely easy. And the days of complex deploys are starting to wither away. (At least, I hope they are for you, you’re moving to a PaaS-enabled environment or deploying one yourself, right?) As promised in my last entry, here’s code and the related bits to…

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