Streaming the Dream from GitHub’s Streaming Eagles

By Posted in New Relic News, Video 19 November 2013

GitHub has a unique take on how to run a software business. For one, the code collaboration and hosting platform company has no managers. In addition to its ‘always be shipping’ attitude, GitHub doesn’t require employees to work out of their headquarters in San Francisco. Instead, the company has 218 employees with 70% of those employees living all over the world, from San Francisco, New York and Nashville to Dublin, Berlin, Sydney and many other locations.

It makes sense that GitHub is one of the biggest promoters of a remote workforce. According to GitHub’s co-founder Chris Wanstrath, this approach makes for better products. But when you’re constantly working with folks across states, countries, and continents, you also have to take into account the challenges that can come with having distributed teams as well.

So how does GitHub make it work?

We recently invited Patrick Dunnam and Drew Woods (aka Streaming Eagles) to speak at FutureStack about some of the internal tools they built to improve employee connections and amplify GitHub’s unique work approach.

Here is the video of Patrick and Drew’s hilarious yet insightful talk from FutureStack. Enjoy!

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