Gilt Groupe, Empowering Developers with Immutability and Continuous Delivery

By Posted in New Relic News, Video 15 November 2013

Traffic spikes are a daily occurrence when you’re an e-commerce company like the Gilt Groupe. Whether it’s due to a 24-hour sale on Louboutin shoes or a brand new Land Rover SUV, the online shopping site is frequently bombarded with purchase transactions that make it critical to maintain high uptime—and a high rate of innovation.

For Roland Tritsch, VP of Infrastructure Engineering at Gilt, that innovation stems directly from the empowerment of the company’s developers. Rather than create a siloed production environment that’s often hard to touch, the Gilt Groupe gives its developers direct access to the production environment so that they can iterate and experiment fast.

The only risk with this agile approach, however, is that it can sometimes destabilize the production environment. That’s why Roland’s team is ‘stealing’ the concept of immutability from functional programming languages, and making the provisioning of hardware and software components immutable. Developers don’t update or make changes in the production environment; they instead create and delete.

Roland gave a fascinating talk on the subject last month at New Relic’s FutureStack conference in San Francisco. You can learn more about his take on immutability and continuous delivery by clicking on the video below:


To see videos of all the FutureStack13 talks and panels, visit:

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