[INFOGRAPHIC] State of the Stack: Ruby Edition

By Posted in New Relic News, Tech Topics, Top Post 10 October 2013

Here at New Relic, we gather billions of metrics daily. Most of that information helps us track your applications’ performance, but we also receive valuable insights into the various technologies in use. Have you ever wondered whether Ruby 2.0 is getting traction quickly or not? What about that new version of Rails – are people using it? In our latest infographic, we found some answers for you. We’ve surveyed the state of the Ruby stack to see what’s growing, what’s not, and what’s worth watching. After all, staying up-to-date with the newest software makes it easier to keep your products cutting edge. To learn more about monitoring Ruby, visit www.newrelic.com/ruby and check out our ‘State of the Stack: Ruby’ infographic below:

Ruby State of the Stack Infographic_2013

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