Community News: Predictions for 2013, a Look Back at 2012 & More

By Posted in New Relic News, Tech Topics, Top Post 11 January 2013

In our first Community News roundup of 2013, we get predictions for the new year, look back at 2012 find out to optimize a page for different network conditions.

* Steve Sounders explains how to create a performance culture.

* The Obama for America tech team talks about winning, disrupting and sticking to basics.

* Joshua Bixby looks at what site owners can expect in 2013 and shares his top ten web performance links for 2012.

* Our partner Engine Yard looks at tracking request latency in New Relic.

* HTML 5 Doctor interviews Ian Hickson.

* Yoav Weiss talks about the best ways to optimize a page for different network conditions.

* Stoyan Stefanov digs into the HTTP archive.

* Chris Kelly looks at the future of mobile browsing.'Marketing Manager, Content

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