Community News: Predictions for 2013, Secrets of Facebook Performance & More

By Posted in Tech Topics 14 December 2012

In this week’s news, we find out how Facebook approaches release engineering, how Evernote solves its Big Data problem, and what trends lie in store for 2013.

* The DevOps Zone discovers how Facebook pushes twice daily to over 1 billion users.

* Evernote reveals how it serves billions of API requests generated by its online application.

* Akamai explains why it’s time to pay attention to situational performance measurement.

* Steve Souders tells you what’s driving the web performance conversation right now. Elsewhere, he argues that performance metrics should capture render time.

* Strangeloop unveils 12 bold predictions affecting web performance in 2013.

* 24 Ways insists that responsive design and high performance shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

* Stephen Pierzchala identifies three strategic questions for online businesses in 2013.

* Addy Osmani gives a tutorial on how to improve performance with Chrome DevTools.

* Stoyan Stefanov shows what Facebook has done to make the “Like” button faster.

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