Nerd Life Rules: A Nerd Shows Off His Techie Tattoos

By Posted in Events, New Relic News, Top Post, Video 10 October 2012

How far are you willing to go to express your nerdom? For Andy Mai, Creative Director of Gravity Mobile, he’s willing to tattoo his love for all things tech all over his body!

Mai showed off his tattoos at the recent 2012 TechCrunch Hackathon in San Francisco. He pointed out his favorite tats, and his future plans for turning his left arm into something robotic or looks like it came out of the movie Tron.

While he may not be bionic, Mai is hopeful as he’s expressing his desire to be the bionic man of nerdom. His nerdiest tattoo is the power button on the back of his neck. But be careful pressing it. “I get turned off or turned on depending on who you are,” said Mai who is very selective about what geek representations he inks on his body. “In the past I’ve debated Internet ports or USB jacks, but that will probably be obsolete in the future.”

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