Partner Spotlight: News from Windows Azure, Rackspace, Engine Yard and More

By Posted in New Relic News, Top Post 23 July 2012

In this new monthly series, we share interesting news and upcoming events from our partners.

* Cedexis shows us how you can use New Relic data in your Openmix applications.

* Engine Yard describes how to migrate your application to a new host.

* In this webinar from Acquia, find out how to use New Relic to monitor and maintain your Drupal site.

* Microsoft Evangelist, Adam Hoffman, shares tips and tricks for building block services with Windows Azure.

* Rackspace’s President, Lew Moorman, describes how you can avoid cloud lock-in and the myths of open APIs.

* Harpeet Singh shares a great tutorial on getting started with CloudBees.

* Joyent’s Founder and CTO, Jason Hoffman, talks cloud commerce and the next wave of HTML5 development in this video from DevCon5.

* Learn how to improve your Ruby on Rails performance in the cloud with Thoughtbot CTO, Joe Ferris.'Marketing Manager, Content

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