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“This is a marathon, not a sprint.”

These are the words we hear from our CEO, Lew Cirne about once a week. His point is we are dedicated to disrupting how application management and analytics tools are used, bought and sold — and that it takes time to disrupt a market full of entrenched incumbents. And he should know — he was the founder of some of the ‘old’ relics that have had a grip on the enterprise. This is not to say we’re not scaling or focusing on growth — we’re scaling very quickly these days with over 21,000 active customers and one of the faster SaaS revenue growth rates the market has seen.

Anyway, a name we don’t talk about as much on this blog is our Chairman, Peter Fenton of Benchmark.  He has bet on us since our inception. He’s also an early investor and on the board of Twitter, Yelp, Zendesk, Zuora and a bunch of other exciting companies. Forbes recently caught up with him as he is part of their Midas List — a list of the top Venture Capitalists in the tech space.  In the short video, Peter discusses how a few new companies (ahem, including New Relic!) are disrupting the way software gets to market by focusing on the product and end users first. Lew is one of those entrepreneurs that believes in this philosophy. Peter likens this strategy to an “Air War”.  We don’t use military analogies much around here, but I like the idea!

If you’re interested in learning more, take a moment or two to hear Peter speak with Forbes’ Tomio Geron on camera:


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