Community News: Reflections on RailsConf and More

By Posted in Tech Topics, Top Post 27 April 2012

In this week’s news, we share slides from RailsConf, look at the business of speed and get four important web performance lessons for SMBs.

* Google engineer Ilya Grigorik shares how Google is making the web faster, one Rails page at a time.

* Joshua Bixby is back to discuss the business of speed and why web performance optimization is an institutional need.

* Brad Frost asks what is more important for a better mobile experience: responsive web design or optimizing site performance.

* Engineer and author, Max Kanat-Alexander, explains the benefits of simple code and why it is worth the effort it requires.

* James Edward Gray II describes ten things you may not know Rails can do.

* This video from Cloud Computing Development shows how to build your first Node.js app on Heroku.

* Developer Justin Rusbatch introduces Compilify, a .NET compiler you can run from your web browser.

* Strangeloop explains four important web performance lessons for SMBs.

* Level 3 Communications looks at the business side of web performance.

* Michael Farley’s RailsConf presentation shows how to use Ruby to add new features to Ruby itself.'Marketing Manager, Content

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