Community News: Porting New Relic to Drupal 7 and More

By Posted in Tech Topics 23 March 2012

This week we find out how to port New Relic integration to Drupal 7, learn why Joomla is making inroads into the enterprise, and more.

* Amazon CTO Werner Vogel describes why Amazon Web Services wants to support a thousand platforms.

* shows how to port New Relic integration to Drupal 7.

* Sam Saffron produces his ultimate list of web performance tools and resources.

* 37signals explains how they use event capturing to improve Basecamp page load times.

* Pablo Molnar from Mercado Libre shares slides from his presentation on key New Relic APIs.

* Adrian Cockcroft defines Netflix’s Ops, DevOps and NoOps strategies.

* Our friends at Heroku produce another great case study, this time on mutual customer Rapportive.

* EMC announces their acquisition of Pivotal Labs.

* The development team at OMGPOP share more tips for using New Relic, Redis and Resque.

* InfoWold explains why enterprises are embracing the Joomla open source content management system.'Marketing Manager, Content

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