The Death of WebSphere and WebLogic App Servers? New Infographic shows the Rise of OSS Java

By Posted in New Relic News 10 January 2012

javaThis past September we released one of our Ruby on Rails State of the Stack reports, which presents stats on Ruby usage among our customers. The report shows the most commonly deployed versions of Ruby, the top gems used, the most commonly used app containers, etc. We got to thinking that this might be interesting data to provide for other languages that we support too, such as Java. So…we decided to take a look at our top 1000 Java customers to see what versions of Java they are using and what app servers are most commonly deployed. For example, just about everyone is on Java 1.6 with the most popular version being 1.6.0_20 followed closely by 1.6.0_26. What about app servers? What are folks using?  The answer was intriguing so we thought we’d share it via a new infographic…


 By the way, we use Jetty for our java components.  :)

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